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She constantly yearned for something similar to a household, becoming not able to building equivalent and you can significant dating since Control Demon

She constantly yearned for something similar to a household, becoming not able to building equivalent and you can significant dating since Control Demon

During the surface, Makima appears to be a fantastic, comfortable, social and you can friendly lady, she actually is seen almost the whole big date dressed in a smile to your their face and you will serves everyday and you will convinced even while in the an urgent situation. Although not, that is just an act that she uses in order to fulfil this lady ultimate goal. Following the loss of Aki Hayakawa, Makima begins to inform you their genuine color to help you Denji. Makima’s genuine deal with was of somebody machiavellic, figuring, whom notices someone up to her because the little more than “dogs” she will be able to fool around with because she very much like she enjoys and really should obey the lady without having any concern.

not, Denji discovered a method to avoid the brand new standards out-of this lady deal with the Perfect Minister out of Japan of the eliminating the woman under control to get rid of this lady agony, which he considered a type of like in lieu of an enthusiastic assault

Makima is extremely educated, cooler and you will pushy. She regulation Denji from pledge from an intimate and you may sexual relationship while also threatening him with extermination if the guy disobeys her. Questionable and you can usually dispassionate, she’ll manage whatever it takes to arrive her requirements, also at the expense of people she are going to be protecting.

Makima as well as knows that she is not a good person and you may deems by herself once the “expected worst”; a tool down of Japanese bodies, just like Weapon Demon which is manageable of People in the us. The woman is perhaps not scared of this lady arrangements derail, since the if or not the woman plans falter otherwise allow, she’s going to go some thing she wishes.

Makima is actually an extreme fan away from Chainsaw Guy, this new “Hero out-of Hell”. Fascinated with its ability to eliminate this new embodied idea of a demon compliment of taking them, their said goal is always to promote Chainsaw Man around their handle so you’re able to fool around with the results which will make an ideal industry instead of fear, demise, and you can “bad” clips. But not, failure is also appropriate, because will mean becoming ate-a keen honor based on this lady.


Makima is amongst the most powerful somebody in the wide world of Chainsaw Child thanks to the woman bodily and supernatural efficiency because a beneficial devil, along with her wise and you can manipulative identity. She is feared of the humans, fiends and devils all around the world, and this develops their vitality since the a devil. Depending on the President of one’s United states, other countries in addition to The united states have quit trying to fight the woman.

Since the a demon, Makima and it has every standard demon performance. They truly are the capacity to generate contracts having people. Owing to their ability to manage human beings, this woman is and able to force them to create a binding agreement with herself. Makima made an agreement towards Best Minister off The japanese inside get back having helping japan regulators. Because of this offer, any fatal symptoms inflicted to Makima is actually transferred into the ideal disease or issue affecting a random citizen away from Japan. She is shown to had been take to in the rear of your face and you may relatively murdered, in order to stand up afterwards with no visible wounds. She stated that she are only grazed by round, but this will be impractical because of the keeping of the newest gun when it actually was discharged, and also the precise location of the bloodstream about get-off injury. Afterwards, she is murdered of the Firearm Devil immediately following they fired a good round because of the lady direct, that it obviously don’t finish their out of. It is verified you to she had been murdered twenty-six minutes before the assault of your Gun Devil. Later, the woman is along with murdered because of the Pochita once or twice in their finally conflict.

Just after getting drank by your, she returned to Heck and after that reincarnated in the Asia due to the fact Nayuta as a result of the revival feature out-of devils.

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